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We recognize that every case is distinct, and every client deserves individualized attention.

About Us

Divorce & Custody Services (DCS) was founded by veteran attorney Kelly Hansen, who has 17 years of legal experience.   The driving concept of this firm is to deliver the highest quality family law counsel and services, in a personal manner that makes sense for each individual client.  You, the client, will receive unparalleled service because we maintain a small client base.  You will hear back from us promptly;  we will know the details of your case and your goals;  and, we will provide flexible hours and access to fit your schedule.   
We provide the following services:
Custody and parenting time
Property division
Collaborative law 
Testimony preparation for court
Supervised parenting time 
Restraining orders 
Pro-Se advice and assistance.

At Divorce & Custody Services, we strongly believe that clients and their families are financially and emotionally best served by legal services that are not centered on litigation.  The court process is extremely slow, adversarial, expensive, and often results in a determination that is not to the parties liking.  We realize that some cases ultimately cannot be resolved outside of a courtroom, and if that is the situation, your case will be transferred to a different attorney.   At this time, we are not offering services related to modifications (custody, parenting time, child support, or spousal support).

Our Vision

We view every legal challenge as an opportunity to make a positive impact.

Our Mission

Trust us to be your legal ally, navigating complexities, and securing favorable outcomes.

Core Values

The relationships we build extend beyond cases; they are partnerships built on trust and successful collaboration.